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2008 World Summit of Cloud Computing

After a uneventful trip , I’m now in Israel for the World Summit. With over 500 people expected to attend, it promises to be an exciting time. Unfortunately, I arrived to late to attend a reception by Google but the first day’s line-up is impressive! Speakers include:

  • Stevie Clifton , Co-Founder & CTO, Animoto – The power of cloud that enables a new business
  • Nir Antebi , Senior Software Engineer, Intel – How Intel’s Cloud Computing System Accelerates Chip Design
  • Russ Daniels ,Vice-President & CTO HP Cloud Services Strategy – Designing the Cloud: Services that anticipate our needs
  • Dr. Owen O’Malley , Hadoop Architect and Apache VP for Hadoop, Yahoo! – Yahoo! and Cloud

I’ll be blogging on the insights that are sure to come. Stay tuned.

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