Leading Digital Transformation

This offering looks at how technology can serve as a catalyst for change in an organization. The instructor will discuss the difference between leadership and management generally but also specifically within information technology. Students will also discuss how both management and leadership both affect positive change and how to minimize the chance of project failures. Common organizational levers for moving projects forward and their effect on organizational culture will be addressed as well. The instructor will deliver an overview of known barriers to change and ways to mitigate resistance.


Digitally Transforming Your Organization

This offering introduces the student to major digital transformation business capabilities and functions. The instructor also discusses the critical challenges they address and their relationship to some of the most common functional architectures. Best practices for developing related business models and the associated digital transformation metrics are also presented. Critical digital transformation operational metrics (the “-ilities) and baseline economic models are introduced.


Cloud Computing for Executives and Managers

Cloud adoption is a core component of digital transformation. Scaling the IT environment, making it resilient, and reducing costs are what organizations want. This offering introduces the basics of cloud computing including Cloud computing definition, service models and deployment models. The session also introduces the different information technology implementation models and their impact on organizational staffing, risk, and governance. Cloud computing security is also addressed. Cloud computing pilots, Cloud service brokerage and cloud governance are also touched upon.