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Archive for May 2008

The Cloud Computing Portal

The Cloud Computing Portal is a community edited database that makes the cloud vendor selection process easier, by helping you find a cloud provider who supports the environment you need.…

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HP in the Cloud

In “HP weds cloud…” , Hewlett-Packard has apparently outlined their approach to cloud computing. They are merging their high-performance computing unit with the Web 2.0 and cloud computing infrastructure businesses.…

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Green Cloud Computing

The other day I was asked “Why is cloud computing considered green?” Wouldn’t you know, The Economist provided the perfect answer. “In future the geography of the cloud is likely…

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Oracle in the Cloud

Oracle (NSDQ: ORCL) is building new data centers to support cloud computing. The company is investing $285M and will break ground on the 200,000-square-foot facility this summer. Oracle’s president Safra…

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