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Archive for June 2008

InformationWeek Cloud Computing Newsletter

InformationWeek has started a Cloud Computing Newsletter. They will be providing news and insights on this “critical IT trend”. Cloud computing ranges from the software-as-a-service market to Web-based storage services…

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Is Cloud Computing just a fad?

Last week I attended an IBM SOA event in Northern Virginia. While there, I was discussiing the merits of cloud computing with some interested attendees. Their key question was if…

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Joint Warfighting Conference 08

Last week I attended the Joint Warfighting Conference 08 (JWC 08) in Virginia Beach, Va. There were approximately 5000 attendees representing military, industry, academia, and government, registered for this year’s…

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Cloud Computing Value

In The real value of Cloud Computing, ENKI hits on why cloud computing is disruptive. It’s the services stupid !! By separating enterprises from their servers and offering universal, secured,…

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