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Archive for June 2008

Yahoo (Finally!) Jumps Big Into Cloud Computing

According to The Register , the Yahoo! technology organization led by CTO Ari Balogh will now work on “developing a world-class cloud computing and storage infrastructure; rewiring Yahoo! onto common platforms; and creating a stronger partnership between product and engineering teams.” Part of the Yahoo! reorganization will include the formation of a Cloud Computing &…

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InformationWeek Cloud Computing Newsletter

InformationWeek has started a Cloud Computing Newsletter. They will be providing news and insights on this “critical IT trend”. Cloud computing ranges from the software-as-a-service market to Web-based storage services such as Amazon’s S3. They will report on cloud-infrastructure technologies — including servers, storage, and virtualization — and new data centers under construction by Google…

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Is Cloud Computing just a fad?

Last week I attended an IBM SOA event in Northern Virginia. While there, I was discussiing the merits of cloud computing with some interested attendees. Their key question was if cloud computing was just a fad or did it represent a disruptive change in the marketplace. I personally believe that cloud computing is real and…

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Joint Warfighting Conference 08

Last week I attended the Joint Warfighting Conference 08 (JWC 08) in Virginia Beach, Va. There were approximately 5000 attendees representing military, industry, academia, and government, registered for this year’s three-day conference. Titled “DoD Capabilities for the 21st Century,” the goal is to reach out to all joint warfighters. I also followed the proceedings via…

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IBM Opens Africa’s First “Cloud Computing” Center

…… Second Cloud Center in China “IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the opening of new “cloud computing” centers in South Africa and China. Cloud computing enables the delivery of personal and business services from remote, centralized servers (the “cloud”) that share computing resources and bandwidth — to any device, anywhere.The shift to cloud computing is…

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Dataline launches SOA-R: Cloud Computing for National Security Applications

Last week, Dataline (my company), in collaboration with IBM, Google, Northrop Grumman, Cisco and Great-Circle Technologies, launched an initiative aimed at integrating an end-to-end solution for secure cloud computing. Called Service Oriented Architecture – Real Time (SOA-R), the goal is to provide the benefits of cloud computing and secure ad-hoc mobility in a modular, standards-based…

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Cloud Computing Value

In The real value of Cloud Computing, ENKI hits on why cloud computing is disruptive. It’s the services stupid !! By separating enterprises from their servers and offering universal, secured, access to the servers, cloud providers bundle the computing with value-added services. This graduated outsourcing model provids application architecture expertise, highly reliable software deployment, and…

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Cloud Computing

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Cloud Computing How and when Amazon began its cloud computing effort.Why Amazon has become an innovator with Amazon Web Services and how it relates to their core business of being an online retailer.Whether or not Wall Street recognizes Amazon’s cloud efforts.What’s next for Amazon Web Services.Whether or not Amazon has plans…

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Dataline, IBM, Google, Northrop Grumman on Cloud Computing

My company, Dataline LLC, in cooperation with IBM, Google and Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, is sponsoring an educational series entitled “Cloud Computing in a Netcentric Environment“. The series will be held at The Tower Club in McLean, VA and is designed for those interested in understanding how cloud computing and the associated technologies can be…

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