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Archive for July 2008

Microsoft: “Cloud Computing is the Plan”

From the Wireless Business & Technology Cloud Computing News Desk : “Ballmer highlighted software-plus-service, associating it with a ‘platform in the cloud and delivering applications across PCs, phones, TVs, and other devices, at work and in the home’ (Microsoft’s Mesh widgetry) and promised ‘more about our cloud platform initiatives and the next versions of our…

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CC Tidbits

Interesting tidbits from Maureen O’Gara in Apple, Google, Yahoo & Cloud Computing: Industry gadfly John Dvorak is advancing a theory culled from the blogosphere that Microsoft wants Yahoo for some all-important patent or another that would give it an edge in cloud computing, SaaS and portable search advertising. Appirio, the two-year-old start-up with products and…

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Correlative Analytics: Cloud Computing Google Mindshare

Correlative Analytics (A.K.A. “The Google Way of Science“) postulates that extremely large databases of information, starting in the petabyte level, may be sufficient to skip the theory part of the scientific method. This line of thought promises that “googling” can now be used to make predicted observation on the nature of all sorts of things.…

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What is Cloud Computing? — Another view

Irving Wladasky-Berger, chairman emeritus of IBM’s Academy of Technology, recently wrote and article on cloud computing titled “What is Cloud Computing, Anyway?”. The following is my interpretation of a few of the excellent points he made: Well designed cloud computing applications completely hide the underlying software and hardware Cloud computing is part of the evolution…

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Dark Cloud Computing

In his blog article “The Rise of The Dark Cloud” Reuven Cohen wonders about a growing interest in covert computing. Although he briefly mentions malevolent uses of the net, the focus seems to be on a more active stance by corporations and governments to protect the Internet by covertly pooling resources in the form of…

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July Military Information Technology magazine

This month’s issue of Military Information Technology magazine has the Army’s Chief Information Officer, Lieutenant General Jeffrey A. Sorenson, on the cover. The enclosed special report, titled LANDWARNET Transformation, has a major article on net-centric operations by Bill Gerety, Dataline CEO and Major General US Army Reserve (and co-authored by yours truly). “Net-centricity: Adjusting the…

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“The Big Switch” and Intellipedia Highlighted

During last week’s SOA-R session, Steven Armentrout referenced “The Big Switch” by Nicholas Carr as a very enlightened view of our changing world. On July 17th, Information Week’s Richard Martin also referenced it: “‘One of the thorniest issues’ raised by the rise of cloud computing, writes Nicholas Carr, author of The Big Switch, a recent…

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Does anybody really know what cloud computing is?

Less than 2% of the CIOs in an Infoworld survey said that cloud computing was a priority. The surveyed indicated that server virtualization and server consolidation are their No. 1 and No. 2 priorities. Following these two are cost cutting, application integration, and datacenter consolidation. At the bottom of the list of IT priorities are…

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Operation Golden Phoenix

This week, Dataline is participating in Operation Golden Phoenix. Operation Golden Phoenix is a four-day multi-agency collaborative training event designed to assist federal, state and local agencies with large and complex incident response scenarios. The exercise implements FEMA’s concept of an all-hazards approach to emergency management fostering every level of government to partner to achieve…

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DISA Reaches out to Industry on Cloud Computing

In an interview with Computerworld , published in the New York Times, John Garing expanded on his goals for the DISA cloud computing initiative. Garing said that, “… he and his staff have met with their counterparts at businesses such as Google Inc., Amazon.com Inc., United Parcel Service of America Inc. and travel-reservation systems operator…

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