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Archive for September 2008

Cloud Databases

Joab Jackson, in his “Cloud computing leaving relational databases behind” article, makes some pretty interesting points on the incompatibility of relational databases with cloud-based infrastructures. He first list the various cloud optimized databases: Google’s Bigtable, Amazon’s SimpleDB, 10Gen’s Mongo, AppJet’s AppJet database, and Oracle open-source BerkelyDB. And then notes that they all have cloud computing-specific…

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The 6 layers of the Cloud Computing Stack

From Sam Johnston’s Taxonomy post Clients (examples) are computer hardware and/or computer software which rely on The Cloud for application delivery, or which is specifically designed for delivery of cloud services, and which are in either case essentially useless without it. Services (examples) (aka Web Service) are “software system[s] designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction…

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Thank You KMI Media Group

In this month’s Editor’s Perspective, Mr. Harrison Donnelly announced the new KMI Media Group collaborative effort. Military Information Technology will be using the blogosphere to get their government and industry partners to talk about future products and services on-line. For the next two month’s, they are “asking government and industry to discuss the cloud issue…

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VMware, Cisco and the Virtual Datacenter

Last week, VMware and Cisco announced their latest collaboration for the virtual datacenter of the future. The Cisco Nexus® 1000V distributed virtual software switch is expected to be an integrated option in VMware Infrastructure. “In this highly agile environment, the new Cisco Virtual Network Link (VN-Link) technology on the Nexus 1000V will integrate with VMware’s…

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DISA Chief Technologist States Plan for Cloud

In an interview reported on in this month’s Military Information Technology magazine, David Mihelcic, DISA Chief Technology Officer, has laid out his goal for the agency’s cloud computing initiative. As CTO, he serves as the agency’s senior authority on scientific, technical and engineering matters. Mr. Mehelcic wants the DISA cloud to be able to “enter…

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Google, GeoEye, Twitter. What a Combination!

On September 9th, Bob Lozano posted his kudos to GeoEye for a successful launch of GeoEye-1. (Hey Bob! Where’s that post on your “cloud failure” last week?) According to their press release, GeoEye-1 will be able to collect images with a ground resolution of 0.41-meters or 16 inches in the panchromatic, or black-and-white mode, and…

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RightScale goes Transcloud

Over the weekend, Maureen O’Gara of SYS-CON media reported that RightScale is now offering a “first in industry” capability to provide application management across multiple cloud infrastructures. It now offers application deployment options on Amazon EC2, GoGrid and Flexiscale. For mission critical applications, this capability could provide enhance fault tolerance and what I would call…

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A Bill to Outlaw Cloud Computing…..

… is what we may see if we don’t educate our lawmakers now! That seemed to be one of the main point at last week’s Google workshop in DC. Berin Szoka’s post accurately outlines the challenge using a matrix and the Wuala backup service as an example. “[R]egulations imposed on companies storing users’ personal data…

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NCOIC and Cloud Computing

Yesterday the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) had a very good session on cloud computing during their plenary session in Falls Church, VA. Led by NCOIC’s Bob Marcus, speakers included: Susanne Balle, Architect, Hewlett Packard Scalable Computing and Infrastructure Organization on “Emergence of Cloud Computing” Lauren States, VP, IBM Cloud Computing, and David Lindquist,…

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Military Information Technology Cloud Computing Collaboration

Today, we’re happy to announce what we believe to be an industry first. “Military Information Technology Magazine“, as the publication of record for the defense information technology community, is collaborating with “Cloud Musings” in an exploration of cloud computing technologies within the defense community. This effort will leverage both print and Web 2.0 technologies to…

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