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Archive for October 2008

Government still wary of cloud computing

Federal News Radio interviewed Ron Markezich, a corporate vice president of Microsoft, Mike Bradshaw, president of Google federal, and Michael Farber, a partner with Booz Allen on the government’s approach to cloud computing. Key comments: Michael Farber – many agencies understand this approach, but few have figured out the best way. Ron Markezich – Agencies…

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Microsoft Azure

With the announcement of Azure, Microsoft has finally made it’s cloud computing plans public. Maybe Larry Ellison is now ready to revise his opinion, huh? While this announcement is definitely a good thing, it also seems to be a defensive move on the software giant’s part. In a USA Today article “Ray Valdes, an analyst…

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Federal Grants from the Cloud

In case you mised it, the Department of Interior has announced that it plans to build a cloud computing platform to manage the processing and distributing of government grants. “Grants.gov is re-aligning its business efforts to allow it to focus principally on its core businessThis means that Grants.gov will no longer be in the ownership…

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Economist.com : Let it rise

This week, The Economist provides an insightful special report on cloud computing. From “Clouds and Judgement“: “Computing is fast becoming a “cloud”—a collection of disembodied services accessible from anywhere and detached from the underlying hardware. The chances are that much of business and everyday computing will one day be mediated by this ethereal cloud.” I…

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Some More Cloud Computing Survey Results

As promised, here are some more results from the MIT/”Cloud Musings” on-line survey! Please remember, THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC SURVEY !! The purpose is only to get a sense of the government cloud computing marketplace. Total responses – 121 Type of Respondent OrganizationFederal Government – 41%Industry – 37%State/Local Government – 20%Educational Institution – 2% Familiarity…

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Steve Ballmer comments on Microsoft’s cloud plans

On October 17th in the “Redmond Channel Partner Online”, a Microsoft Partner community publication, Kurt Mackie reported on Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer’s comments on the company’s vision for syncing up applications in the Internet cloud. Although Ballmer held back on much of the details he did say that Microsoft is planning to release big news…

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Why the Cloud? Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination

So why is the intelligence community so interested in cloud computing? Three letters: PED (Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination). Take these two real life examples from the publishing industry. Jim Staten of Forrester Research provided an example of how the New York Times leverage the cloud. The Times wanted to makes its historic archives available for online…

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Cloud Package Management

In his post “Missing in the Cloud: package management“, Dave Rosenberg highlights a critical issue in the adoption of cloud computing by government agencies. “I dare say that a standard needs to be introduced–or at least a quasi-standard like we see for Linux with Yum, RPM and Synaptic (essentially flavors of the same ideal.) Since…

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Information Week has just launched PlugIntoTheCloud.com as their cloud computing destination. In his Non Linear Thinking blog, Bill Martin calls it a movement aimed at “providing a source and forum for IT pros, and the general population, to understand what the cloud computing trend/phenomena means to them and their companies”. John Foley, InformationWeek Editor-at-Large, in…

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