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Archive for December 2008

December NCOIC Plenary Presentations

Presentations from the NCOIC Cloud Computing sessions held earlier this month have been posted on-line in the Federal Cloud Computing wiki. The event featured speakers from IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, and Salesforce. Access is free, but registration is required. Cloud Computing for Net-Centric Operations NCOIC – Bob Marcus (Leader NCOIC Cloud Computing Team). Slides.”Cloud Computing…

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Booz|Allen|Hamilton Launches “Government Cloud Computing Community”

As a follow-up to a Washington, DC Executive Summit event, BoozAllenHamilton recently launched an on-line government cloud computing collaboration environment. In an effort to expand the current dialog around government cloud computing, the strategy and technology consulting firm wants to build a community “to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and generally support the government’s progress…

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Is Google Losing Document?

John Dvorak posted this question on his blog Saturday and as of Sunday evening had 52 responses! This is not a good thing for building confidence in cloud computing. Or is it? The story is that users of Google Docs were receiving the message “Sorry! We are experiencing technical difficulties and cannot show all of…

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Cryptographic Data Splitting? What’s that?

Cryptographic data splitting is a new approach to securing information. This process encrypts data and then uses random or deterministic distribution to multiple shares. this distribution can also include fault tolerant bits, key splitting, authentication, integrity, share reassembly, key restoration or decryption. Most security schema have one or more of the following drawbacks: Log-in and…

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Now really. Should the Obama administration use cloud computing?

It’s amazing what a little radio time will do! Since Sunday’s broadcast, I’ve been asked numerous times about my real answer to the question “Will ‘Cloud Computing’ Work In White House“. Although I would never assume to be in a position to advise the President-elect, I’m more than happy, however, to add my voice to…

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NPR “All Things Considered” considers Government Cloud Computing

My personal thanks to Andrea Seabrook, Petra Mayer and National Public Radio for their report “Will ‘Cloud Computing’ Work In White House?” on today’s “All Things Considered”. When I started this blog there was doubt about cloud computing being anything but a fad that would just disappear in a few weeks. Now it’s clear that an important…

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HP Brings EDS Division into it’s cloud plans

The Street reported earlier this week that Hewlett Packard’s EDS division has won a $111 million contract with the Department of Defense (DoD) that could eventually support the U.S. military’s cloud-computing efforts. EDS confirmed it will work with DISA officials to conduct security reviews on DoD networks, databases, systems and applications. It will also evaluate…

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Cloud Computing and the Process Integration Era

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering improved communications and understanding between government and industry. through its affiliation with the American Council for Technology (ACT), IAC provides a forum for industry to collaborate with and advise government executives on IT issues. In fulfilling this role, the ACT-IAC Transition Study…

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The Tactical Cloud

When cloud computing first came in vogue, there was a rather serious discussion about the private cloud concept. The whole idea of cloud computing seemed to argue against implementing such a capability behind organizational walls. Although in some circles, the idea of a “private cloud” is being subsumed by the more acceptable “enterprise cloud”, last…

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“Cloud Musings” Now on SYS-CON Media “Cloud Computing Journal” !!

I’m happy to announce that a recent “Cloud Musings” article, “Commercial vs Federal Cloud Computing ” has been reposted on SYS-CON Media’s “Cloud Computing Journal“. Thank you SYS-CON for making selected “Cloud Musings” articles available to your audience. I am honored by your support and look forward to providing my personal insights to your readers.…

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