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Archive for April 2009

Cloud Computing as a Strategic Asset

For some reason, this week seems to have more in it than most. While the steady stream of briefing request seem to be increasing, the post briefing discussions also seem to be much more intense. The cloud computing education phase seems to also be morphing into a cloud computing implementation phase. The number of “What…

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McKinsey vs. Booz Allen Hamilton !

A community skirmish reminiscent of the recent “manifestogate” has apparently erupted around the McKinsey & Co. report “Clearing the air on cloud computing“. Booz Allen Hamilton Principals Mike Cameron and Rod Fontecilla have taken the report on with their own analysis. “The McKinsey report, as presented, seeks to be the ‘other voice’ and offer a…

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Oracle Buys Sun!!

Swooping in from nowhere, Oracle buys Sun for $7.4B!! “This morning, the companies announced that they’d struck a deal worth $7.4 billion or $5.6 billion net of Sun’s cash and debt. Under the terms, Oracle will acquire Sun common stock for $9.50 per share in cash. The arrangement would provide Oracle ownership of Java and…

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Aneesh Chopra Nominated For Federal CTO

Although Aneesh Chopra is a new name for most, he is well know in Virginia as Governor Tim Kaine’s Secretary of Technology. For the Commonwealth, he was charged with leading the state’s strategy to effectively leverage technology in government reform. If his strategy for the state can be used as an indicator for his plans…

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Could Cloud Computing Cost More?

In a recent conference, analyst William Forrest says that large companies could end up paying more than twice as much by using cloud based services. According to a Forbes.com report, Deflating The Cloud, a study focused on a McKinsey & Co. financial services client showed that the financial firm would be paying 150% more for…

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Cisco’s Cloud Computing Strategy

A couple of weeks ago, Krishna Sankar provided a glimpse into Cisco’s cloud computing strategy in a presentation titled “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Inter-Cloud” . The presentation outlined the four tenets of Cisco’s cloud computing strategy: Build Right Products (Unified Fabric, Unified Compute, Virtualization Aware) Technology (Enhanced IP core with tight coupling to software)…

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NCOIC and Cloud Computing: An Update

As the NCOIC gets it’s arms around this new paradigm, the Cloud Computing Working Group has focused on establishing a roadmap for providing value to the industry. Using the established NCOIC Interoperability Framework, Network Centric Analysis Tool and Building Blocks, the working group’s way forward will be to: Embrace collaboration with Federal Projects and stakeholders…

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SUN-IBM Talks Breakdown

As reported in multiple sources today, including Reuters, Sun has apparently rejected a purchase offer by IBM. “Shares of Sun Microsystems Inc tumbled 22.5 percent after it rejected a $7 billion buyout bid from IBM, leaving the smaller server and software maker vulnerable to lawsuits from shareholders nervous about its viability as a stand-alone company.”…

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Former DoT CIO on Cloud Computing

Last month, former Transportation Department CIO Dan Mintz offered his views on cloud computing to Eric Chabrow, Managing Editor of Government Information Security. According to Mr. Mintz, there is currently a debate raging within government circles on the safety of the wide use of cloud computing. “We’re having a hard time to secure information without…

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