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Archive for August 2013

NBC4 Puts On A Great GovCloud Show !!

NBC 4 in Washington, DC highlighted government cloud computing today as part of their GovInnovate show. Below is just a taste of the informative public service they provided.  Go to the NBC Washington video site for much more! Casey Coleman: How the Cloud is Becoming Part of IT Spending Keith Trippie: What cloud computing does…

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OMB’s Evidence Memo: A Call for Cloud Services Brokerage

by Ray Holloman and Kevin Jackson In a late July memo the Office of Management and Budget requested cloud services brokerage. Well, not in so many words. Rather, OMB requested increased use of evidence in 2015 budget proposals and in evaluation of existing programs to, in the words of agency leadership, “continually improve program performance…

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Cloud Services Brokerage Lessons From Alex Rodriguez, Baseball’s Trade Deadline

( A guest post from Ray Holloman, NJVC Corporate Communications) Two stories sat atop baseball’s marquee in the final days of July. The first was the non-waiver trade deadline, baseball’s annual pros-for-prospects surge staffing. The second was the pending punishment of Alex Rodriguez, the former sweet-swinging shortstop turned sullen slugger turned cautionary tale and financial…

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