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Archive for September 2013

Cloud Shines Brightly as Future of Disaster Response IT

The call for help began as a rumble. Twenty miles beneath the ocean’s surface, a rupture in a massive tectonic plate ripped a 310 mile-long break in the sea floor, sending an army of seismic waves to the coast of Japan, a geologic event as unavoidable and uncontrollable as it was unpredictable. By the time…

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NCOIC/NGA Demonstrates Use of Cloud in Disaster Response

     When the world’s next major earthquake, tsunami or other disaster hits, military, government and civilian NGA project is available on the NCOIC website. responders will need to manage and disseminate a large amount of geospatial information to collaborate and get their life-saving jobs done. An interoperable, hybrid-cloud operating environment can be quickly enabled, allowing…

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