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Archive for May 2016

Parallel Processing and Unstructured Data Transforms Storage

(This post originally appeared on Direct2Dell, The Official Dell Corporate Blog) Enterprise storage is trending away from traditional, enterprise managed network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN) towards a more complex environment that includes software-defined and cloud-based solutions. Spinning disks are also being replaced with flash arrays and solid state devices. These transformations are…

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Getting Your Network in the Cloud

Join us with Virtual Newsmakers on Saturday, May 28th at 11:00am for a YouTube Livestream on cloud computing. Virtual Newsmakers is a webcast show featuring virtual newsmakers, who are bridging traditional and digital communications and empowering human communications through technology. The show highlights people who are using technology as a conversation to bring communications to a…

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Enterprise Networking in a Cloud World

Enterprises must rethink network management in the cloud computing world. This new reality is driven by the rise of software defined networking, the virtualization of everything and a business imperative to create and deploy even newer information delivery models. With the entire infrastructure stack now fully programmable, the need to integrate the network with cloud…

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The Game of Clouds 2016

In the mythical, medieval land of AWS, a civil war brews between the several noble Cloud Services over rulership. Meanwhile, across the sea, the former controlling dynasty, Traditional IT, attempts to make its way back home and reclaim the throne with the help of the “Do It Yourself” old guard. While the conflict of political…

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10 Ways to Flash Forward

Not to long ago I was honored to be included as a storage expert in the Dell ebook, “10 Ways to Flash Forward: Future-Ready Storage Insights from the Experts.” This publication provided insight into some of the most recent advances in enterprise storage and gave some excellent recommendations for your advance storage strategy.  The full…

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