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Archive for September 2016

Military Tips On Business Resiliency

Photo credit: Shutterstock A steel bar is resistant to stress and is capable of maintaining its form while bearing large loads. While steel is also known as one of the world’s strongest metal’s (Titanium, Tungsten and Iconel round out the top four) , it is also susceptible to shearing and completely breaking. A rubber brick,…

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Meet Ameet Bakshi: The Insurance CloudMASTER®

Powered by Singapore-based Big Data start-up Crayon Data, BigData-MadeSimple.com tapped the insurance industry as being at the forefront of integrating cloud technology into their digital eco system. As stated in one of their recent articles “Cloud based platforms, storage and applications change the way of creating and delivering their products and services, managing risks and claims,…

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Understand The Language Of Data: Strata+Hadoop World and TAP

Our world is driven by data.  It may speak in whispers, but it can also scream insight and information to those that understand it’s language. This is why I’ll be attending Strata+Hadoop World, Sept 26th to 29th, in New York City. Even though data can also speak many different languages, data scientist act as our…

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Transformative Training for Hybrid Cloud

Figure 1- Shawn Bolan, Technical Training Manager, New Horizons of Nebraska, https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawn-bolan-96b8a9103 In a recent CloudTech article multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud, strategy was heralded as “…transformative for businesses, allowing them flexibility to scale offerings, save on hosting solutions, and ultimately offer better solutions to their customers. The article goes on to cite: A 2016 Dimensional…

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Surviving the coming “Hackerpocalypse”

Photo credit: Shutterstock With all the excellent training available on television today, we are all now well prepared to deal with the coming Zombie Apocalypse.  Our failure as a society lies, however, in our misunderstanding of the nature of the cybersecurity challenge. This failure threatens us all and our survival will depend on society’s ability…

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