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Akamai at SOA-R Session

Had another very enlightening SOA-R session last week. Of particular note to me was Akamai’s vision of cloud computing. As presented by Fran Trently, Sr. Director Public Sector, Akamai is already heavily involved in providing cloud services to the DoD. They cite DISA’s Global Content Delivery Service (GCDS) as an “on-demand cloud computing architecture on the DISN“. Highlighting an August 2008 operational staus, they back their claims with “Dozens of NIPRNet and SIPRNet edge region nodes”, “Dozens of web applications and portals across all Service” and type accreditation “with Authority to Operate (ATO) on NIPRNet and SIPRNet“.

A summary of their July NIPRNet and SIPRNet statistics is part of Fran’s briefing, which is available in the SOA-R wiki.

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