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Cloud Auction Business Model

The other day I talked about how cloud computing could change the government’s budgeting process. Well what about this!

Last week, Google filed a patent application that describes a system that would allow users to auction their network connection business to participating carriers, in real time! Instead of buying a month-to-month or contract service with a single designated carrier, the Google patent would allow carriers to bid, in real-time, for the user’s business. This would create sort of a bandwidth cloud with “bandwidth on-demand” services.

“Devices using the system would send networks a description of their requirements – for example, a phone call or access to the Internet – and receive back bids with a per-minute cost, or flat rate, at which those needs could be met. Users could either manually accept the bid that looks best to them, or have the phone choose one automatically, based on pre-programmed criteria. The patent does not specify particular access technologies, so it could apply to any form of wired or wireless access platform, such as GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi or planned “white space” spectrum. “

Such a option would definitely play havoc with current budgeting processes.

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    Nice Post
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