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Cloud Computing at DoD, DISA, DIA, CENTCOM and NCOIC

At CloudCamp last week, Military Information Technology distributed free copies of it’s November issue to all attendees. The issue contains a very informative article by Cheryl Gerber titled “Computing in the Clouds”.  The article is a MUST READ and was written from one-on-one interviews on cloud computing with:

  • Ken Pierce, IT Specialist with DIA-DS/C4ISR
  • Robert Ames, Director and Deputy Chief Technology Officer, IBM Federal
  • Colonel Joe Means, RACE Program Manager at DISA
  • Alfred Rivera, Director DISA Computing Services Directorate
  • Dave Jackson, CEO Cluster Resources
  • Mike Kochanik, CollabNet VP of Worldwide Market Development
  • Tim May, Apptis SVP Corporate Development
  • Phil Horovitz, Apptis CTO
  • Herb Kelsey, Managing Director, SBU Advisors
  • Bob Lozano, Appistry Founder and Chief Strategist
The big take-a-ways are as follows:

  • The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is using cloud computing to streamline operational expenses while providing users with fast, customized self-service.
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is using cloud computing to meet increasing demands to process large data on networks more rapidly while realizing budgetary efficiency
  • Reliability enhancements from cloud computing helped the US Central Command (CENTCOM) mitigate the impact of an unplanned cessation of data transport.
  • Cloud computing is seen by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) as an obvious way to address enterprise large data problems.
  • The DOD and DISA are leveraging cloud computing technologies for a global application lifecycle management solution and software development collaboration
  • The Network-Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC), a consortium formed to support those who design and deliver systems for warriors, first-responders, and others that seek to maximize information age capabilities, has recently formed an Enterprise Cloud Computing group to address current mission requirements and to identify key areas of concern.

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    Thanks! That’s a great write-up and I appreciate your entire blog very much.

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