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Cloud Computing supports Net-Centric Warfare

Netcentric warfare theory contains the following four tenets in its hypotheses:

1) A robustly networked force improves information sharing;
2) Information sharing enhances the quality of information and shared situational awareness;
3) Shared situational awareness enables collaboration and self-synchronization, and enhances sustainability and speed of command; and
4) These, in turn, dramatically increase mission effectiveness.

John West’s blog article Spelling out the benefits of cloud computing for organizations provides a list of cloud computing advantages. Those advantages were:

1) Software evaluation with no install and no hassle
2) Quick turn around on surge, variable, or unanticipated requirements
3) The cost of entry for new business opportunities will be lowered, driving innovation and use
4) Businesses will do more analysis of the data they already have, because it’s affordable for them now

Seems like a pretty good fit to me 🙂

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