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Cloud Games at FOSE 2009


Booz Allen Hamilton is launching its Cloud Computing Wargame (CCW)T at FOSE March 10-12, 2009 in Washington, DC. The CCW is designed to simulate the major decision factors government agencies’ IT executives and Program Managers must take into consideration when moving to a cloud environment. FOSE attendees will have the opportunity to step up and be a “player.”

The Government Cloud Computing Community (GCCC) web site has a specific forum on this, and more information will be made available as we move to FOSE. This forum is an opportunity to discuss Cloud Computing Wargame features, uses, and more. AND, you will have the opportunity to suggest enhancements to the “game” that can benefit you and other government colleagues looking at cloud transformation.

For a pre-show Overview Learn More at the Government Cloud Computing Website if you are already a member, or JOIN NOW. Send an email to: cloudcomputing@bah.com. AND for those of you who are fortunate to play, or are bystanders, a survey will be handed out and will be also available on-line at the Government Cloud Computing Community web site! Results will be posted.

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