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“Cloud Musings” Named A “Top 50 Blog”

My appreciation and thanks goes out to Jeremy Geelan for including “Cloud Musings” on his list of the Top 50 Cloud Computing Blogs. Thanks is also in order for “HighTechDad” (Michael Sheehan) for his insightful suggestion to create this new “prism through which to view cloud computing”.

Congratulations to my fellow cloud enthusiasts!

Dustin Amrhein  “A View from the Clouds”

Randy Bias  “Cloudscaling”

Rene Buest  https://www.clouduser.org/

Larry Carvalho “Robust Cloud”

Sam Charrington “Cloud Pulse”

Colin Clark “Cloud Event Processing”

Peter Coffee cloudblog.salesforce.com

Reuven Cohen  “Elastic Vapor”

Adrian Cole jclouds.tumblr.com

Tim Crawford  “Cloud Computing & IT Optimization”

James Downey  “Cloud of Innovation”

William Fellows blogs.the451group.com

Stephen Foskett  “GestaltIT”

Tim Freeman https://www.timfreeman.org/

Jay Fry  “Data Center Dialog”

Bernard Golden  “The Open Source”

James Hamilton  “Perspectives”

Christofer Hoff  “Rational Survivability”

Kevin L. Jackson  “Cloud Musings”

Steve Jin  https://www.doublecloud.org/

Sam Johnston  https://www.samj.net/

Ben Kepes  “The Diversity Blog”

Markus Klems  “Cloudy Times”

Dave Linthicum  “Cloud Computing”

William Louth  williamlouth.wordpress.com

Lori MacVittie  devcentral.f5.com

Paul Miller  “Cloud of Data”

Stuart Miniman  blogstu.wordpress.com

K. Scott Morrison  scottmorrison.ulitzer.com

Greg Ness  https://www.infra20.com/

Ray Nugent  “Cloudshaping: What’s shaping the Cloud”

Geva Perry  “Thinking Out Cloud”

Gregor Petri  “The Cloud Academy”

George Reese  enstratus.typepad.com/blog

Guy Rosen  www.vircado.com/blog

Ellen Rubin  “Enterprise Cloud Computing Blog”

Scott C. Sanchez  “Cloudnod”

Michael Sheehan  blog.gogrid.com

Krishnan Subramanian  “CloudAve”

John Treadway  “CloudBzz”

James Urquhart  “The Wisdom of Clouds”

William Vambenepe  “IT Management in a Changing IT World”

Werner Vogels  “All Things Distributed”

Phil Wainewright  “Software as Services”

Simon Wardley  “Bits or Pieces”

James Watters  wattersjames.posterous.com

Alan Williamson  alan.blog-city.com

Alex Williams  “ReadWrite Cloud”

John M. Willis  https://www.johnmwillis.com/

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Cloud Musings
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  1. Markus on September 15, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Congratulations, Kevin! Keep up the good work. This is my favorite DoD & Gov Cloud Blog 🙂

  2. Penny Auction Bidding on January 19, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Congrats buddy!!!

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