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Comments from Mr. Robert Carey, DON CIO and Army COS General George W. Casey, Jr

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the distinct pleasure to listen to both Mr. Robert Carey, CIO, Department of the Navy, and General George W. Casey, Jr., Chief of Staff US Army. Some of my observations are summarized below:

Mr. Robert Carey

  • IT connectivity brings stability to the world. The world’s hotspots coincide with places that lack IT connectivity
  • The US is currently in a cyberwar. Cybersecurity is our #1 issue.
  • DON CIO major focus areas include encryption of data at rest, increased information security and increased information reliability
  • The Navy’s next generation network will be responsive to the operational commander, unleash the collaborative nature of the Millennium Generation and empower our future warriors.
  • The Navy’s next generation network will build on the lessons learned in developing the world’s largest intranet, allowing the control and cost visibility necessary to migrate off expensive vulnerable legacy networks.
  • Industry needs to provide Net-Centric Licensing
  • Information sharing initiatives require we move in a direction that allows us to share National Security information with whomever requires access
  • “I’m passionate about Web 2.0 technologies!”

General George W. Casey

  • The US Army is transforming to be able to conduct offensive, defensive and stability operation simultaneously within a sustained conflict environment
  • Advances in technology exacerbate the problem
  • The force will operate abroad
  • Our force will need to work with indigenous forces
  • Military power will need to work closely with all other elements of national power
  • A 21st Century transformed force and its people must be versatile
  • A 21st Century transformed force must be intellectually and institutionally agile
  • The network is central to building the 21st Century force
  • Soldiers will have handheld devices from which they will be able to access the Army’s information
  • The network must be protected
  • A network that collaborates is critical to institutional agility
  • The Army must have the ability to generate world class information technology capabilities in a garrisoned environment and an enhanced ability for people to collaborate
  • Common IT standards must be accepted
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  1. Enterprise Mobile Apps and Beyond on October 17, 2012 at 7:32 am

    I agree with both Mr. Robert Carey and General George W. Casey.

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