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Enomaly: Startup of the Week

Congratulations to Enomaly and Reuven Cohen for being named Startup of the Week byInformationWeek !!! Reuven and I collaborate quite a bit and his blog, Elastic Vapor, is a staple for anyone interested in the latest cloud computing news.  As one of the CloudCamp originators, he was also a welcomed participant in last week’s CloudCamp Federal.

If you missed his comments last week on CloudCamp Federal, you should really go and take a read.
“The spooks in the room also had an interesting take on things. The US is being beaten, and beaten badly by upstart cloud programs coming out of China and Russia and the level of red tape on the beltway was doing more harm then good. Also the concept of Russia being able take control of millions of zombie PC’s at moment notice seem to be troubling. Another point of contention was that China has been able to create million server clouds with little or no competition from the US. On the flip side they also assured me that there is a lot more going on, but they couldn’t talk about it. It was clear the use of distributed cloud technology represented one of the biggest opportunities within the military IT organizationsand the likelihood of some small cloud upstart or even Google or Amazon getting the job was slim.”

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