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Government Technology Cloud Recommendations

Recommendation on the cloud from Government Technology:

No. 1: Educate your team about cloud computing. Don’t just ignore this topic as hype – the future is in this direction. Go to Cloud Security and other reputable online resources to learn more about cloud computing security implications.

No. 2: For now, the cloud consists of your outsourced vendor relationships. The required security and trust comes in terms of good contract language, the payment card industry and the National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-53-compliant solutions, and ensuring data privacy. You can do this by always knowing where your data is, encrypting when needed, knowing who has access and who doesn’t, and ensuring good management of your outsourced vendors – which isn’t easy.

No. 3: Try new technologies but be careful with new startups and know who you’re really dealing with “in the cloud.” Get compliance guarantees with your data – even on short-term pilots.

The recent listing of Top Cloud Providers of 2008 can help you with this.

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