IT Risk Management Summit – March 26, 2013 – Reston, VA

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Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing as Digital Transformation

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4 Factors Driving Digital Transformation ROI The critical assessment factors for cloud ROI risk probability are the following:      Infrastructure utilization Speed of migration to cloud Ability to scale business/mission processes…

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Transformation Infrastructure

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Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing as Digital Transformation

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Thriving on the Edge: Developing CSP Edge Computing Strategy

By pwsadmin | March 6, 2020

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are facing significant business model challenges. Referred to generally as edge computing, the possibilities introduced by the blending of 5G networks and distributed cloud computing technologies are… response to growing demand for formal software risk and quality management tools, the nations’ most respected standards bodies and IT communities of practice have joined forces to advance the state of the practice in software quality management. 
Hosted by the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), and in cooperation with Object Management Group, Software Engineering Institute, Interoperability Clearinghouse, IT Acquisition Advisory Council, a leadership forum will be held on March 26th in Reston, Virginia. The goal of this intensive one day event is to provide both IT practitioners and leaders insights into emergent industry standards of practices and case studies needed to mitigate common software vulnerabilities and risk. Examples from both a development and acquisition management perspectives will be addressed.
Selected topics will focus on emerging standards and best practices in measuring risk and quality in IT intensive programs from the standpoint of productivity, software assurance, overall quality and system/mission risk. The discussion will be expose emerging methods and tools of incorporating such standard metrics into the IT software development, sustainment and acquisition processes.

I am personally honored to be participating in this important forum.
Topic: Improving System Development & Sustainment Outcomes with Software Quality and Risk Measurement Standards
Date: March 26thth, 0900-1600 followed by Cocktail Social
Location: HYATT Reston Town Center, Reston, VA
CISQ Program Agenda
0800-0900       Registration
Morning Segment: System Engineering Practices
0900-0915       Introductions
Dr. Bill Curtis, CISQ; Kevin Jackson, IT-AAC
0915-1000       Sizing and Estimating Software Risk (can’t manage what you can’t measure)
Lead: Mike Harris, DCG
Terry Mitchell, Army G2 Sr Advisor (invited)
Neal Ziring, NSA IAD TD (invited)
1015-1100       Advances in Information Assurance Standards
Lead: Robert Martin, Mitre
Don Davidson, OSD CIO (invited)
Dr. Chris Greer, NIST (invited)
1115-1200       Lessons Learned in Health IT Security and Interoperability
Leads: John Keane, Military Health Systems
Dave Bowen, DHA CIO (invited)
Don Johnson, OSD ATL iEHR Lead (invited)
1200-1300       Lunch
Afternoon Segment: IT Risk Management for National Security Programs
1300-1315       Introduction
MajGen John Brennan, USAF ret, Executive Director, IT-AAC
1315-1400       Keynotes
                        Facilitator: John Weiler, CIO Interop. Clearinghouse
Kevin Meiners, DNI Director of Acquisition Technology and Logistics
1415-1500       Business Drivers for Agile Methods Used in Measuring Risk and Quality
Facilitator: Harry Levinson, SEI
Col Bruce Lyman, AF A2 (invited)
Terry Mitchel, Army G2 (invited)
Richard Hale, DOD CIO (invited)
1515-1600       IT Risk and Acquisition Challenges in National Security Programs
Facilitator: Bill Greenwalt, VP Acquisition, AEI (invited)
General Kirk Vollmecke, Army ASA ALT (invited)
General Mike Basla, AF A6/CIO (invited)
OSD OT&E, J. Michael Gilmore, Director (invited)

For more information on this program, contact:
Sam Somashekar, CISQ Program Manager,
Phone: 917-843-4708

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