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Lessons Learned: VA Cloud Email Termination

Cloud Computing on CNBC – $100B market

By G C Network | May 28, 2008

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IBM Blue Cloud

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Amazon’s Cloud Overtakes Websites

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May 1 IBM, Google Partnership Announcement

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“The Missing Piece in Cloud Computing”

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How the NRO can leverage Cloud Computing

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Last Thursday, May 22nd, I had the pleasure of attending an Intelligence Community Executive Forum hosted by Carahsoft. The topic of this forum was “”Innovative Technology for the Intelligence Enterprise”. The speakers and panelist focused on how the National Reconnaissance Office could leverage information technology in support of it’s advanced mission needs. Although neither cloud…

Green Cloud Computing

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Oracle in the Cloud

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Oracle (NSDQ: ORCL) is building new data centers to support cloud computing. The company is investing $285M and will break ground on the 200,000-square-foot facility this summer. Oracle’s president Safra Catz said that the center will help support its on-demand business, plus research and development and customer service operations. Oracle’s on-demand software operation grossed $174…

Explaining Cloud Computing

By G C Network | May 23, 2008

In the video Explaining Cloud Computing Christopher Barnatt, author of ExplainingComputers.com, and Associate Professor of Computing and Organizations in Nottingham University Business School, provides a very understandable explaination of cloud computing. Follow me at https://Twitter.com/Kevin_Jackson

Cloud Computing supports Net-Centric Warfare

By G C Network | May 23, 2008

Netcentric warfare theory contains the following four tenets in its hypotheses: 1) A robustly networked force improves information sharing;2) Information sharing enhances the quality of information and shared situational awareness;3) Shared situational awareness enables collaboration and self-synchronization, and enhances sustainability and speed of command; and4) These, in turn, dramatically increase mission effectiveness. John West’s blog…

According to a Federal Computer Week article by Frank Konkel, The Department of Veterans Affairs terminated its five-year, $36 million cloud computing contract for email and calendaring services with HP Enterprise Services. Citing a material change in the agency’s requirements, VA officials declined to elaborate on the requirement changes that were actually made. Although I have no personal connection or first hand knowledge of the specifics of this deployment, this failure was apparently caused by failure to first build and understand the business case for supporting the cloud transition.

 “In November — after the agency announced its cloud deal with HP Enterprise Services – VA’s Deputy CIO for Architecture, Strategy and Design, Paul Tibbits, told an audience at 1105 Media’s Enterprise Architecture Conference that he questioned the cost-effectiveness of moving to the cloud.

Tibbits was not discussing this project in particular, but rather stressing the broader need for real use cases and hard-nosed business assessments. “It is not 100 percent clear that expenses go down if we jump into the cloud,” he said. “The revenue stream is up there in neon lights, we have got to figure out if that is going to save us money or not.”

Cloud computing is not about technology. It is primarily a change in the delivery and consumption of information technology services which can radically change an organizations business model. As highlighted in many expert guides, including my book “GovCloud: Cloud Computing for the Business of Government“, the first step in any cloud transition strategy should be the identification, development and commitment to the cloud computing business model.

I also believe that there were at least two other contributing factors to this unfortunate action:

  • Failure to first establish and specify infrastructure security requirements for the software-as-a-service offering. Although FedRAMP is not mandatory until 2014, it provides an efficient and repeatable methodology for establishing a common cloud computing security baseline for all federal agencies
  • Failure to adequately address cultural and change management challenges associated with the cloud computing business model.  If the new business model wasn’t firmly understood and communicated throughout the organization with a focused change management process, success would be very difficult to achieve.

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