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Mainframe Synergies for Digital Transformation

Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing as Digital Transformation

By pwsadmin | September 25, 2020

A survey of 2,000 executives conducted by Cognizant in 2016 identified the top five ways digital transformations generate value:      Accelerating speed to market      Strengthening competitive positioning      Boosting revenue growth      Raising employee productivity      Expanding the ability to acquire, engage, and retain customers   Digital transformation is also a cultural change. Cloud Computing as Digital Transformation Since cloud…

Embrace Transformation

By pwsadmin | September 22, 2020

From a business perspective, differentiating business processes and quality customer service are central to overall success. Business leaders must therefore clearly identify and measure how information technology contributes to the value of every key business process. They must also know how to most cost effectively use IT when the task is merely the management of…

Computer Vision Advances Zero-Defect Manufacturing

By pwsadmin | July 25, 2020

by Kevin L. Jackson Electronics manufacturers operate in a challenging environment. It’s hard enough to keep up with the ever-accelerating rate of change in the industry. Now customers want increasingly specialized product variations in less time and of higher quality. Meeting this demand for increased product variation can seriously impact the bottom line. Such variability increases…

Real-Time Analytics Power the Roadway of the Future

By pwsadmin | July 25, 2020

By Kevin L. Jackson The complexities of citywide traffic are pushing the limits of existing transportation management systems. Outdated infrastructure is based on proprietary, single-purpose subsystems, making it costly to acquire, operate, and maintain. And current roadways are simply not prepared for the future of autonomous vehicles. Enter the SPaT Challenge, an initiative encouraging cities and…

Thriving on the Edge: Developing CSP Edge Computing Strategy

By pwsadmin | March 6, 2020

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are facing significant business model challenges. Referred to generally as edge computing, the possibilities introduced by the blending of 5G networks and distributed cloud computing technologies are redefining how CSPs operate, partner, and drive revenue. A new Ericsson Digital whitepaper entitled, “Edge computing and deployment strategies for communication service providers,” addresses these challenges…

SourceConnecte! Marketplace With A Mission

By pwsadmin | March 6, 2020

Earlier this year, GC GlobalNet launched a new breed of B2B e-commerce sites. Curated by Kevin L. Jackson, SourceConnecte (with an “e”) went live with three strategic goals in mind: Efficiently leverage modern social media technologies to facilitate value-based interactions between enterprise buyers and vetted suppliers; Establish a protected interactive environment capable of supporting high-value B2B e-commerce negotiations…

Potential vs. Reality: Is Edge Computing Real?

By pwsadmin | January 19, 2020

Edge computing provides compute, storage, and networking resources close to devices generating traffic. Its benefits are based on an ability to provide new services capable of meeting stringent operational requirements by minimizing both data latency and the need for bandwidth. Based on Google trend data, searches for the term has also grown substantially over the…

Enabling Digital Transformation

By pwsadmin | December 22, 2019

Digital transformation integrates technology into all areas of an organization’s business or mission. Its fundamental purpose is to create and deliver innovative and industry-changing products and services to a global customer base. This outcome requires the seamless two-way flow of data and information between internal business processes and external processes that interact with customers, business…

The ThinkShield Story Part 1: The Challenge

By G C Network | October 24, 2019

The cybersecurity challenge seems to be growing daily. Threats are becoming more sophisticated, and attacks are becoming more destructive while the corporate world’s response seems to resemble a deer in headlights. Recent examples of this dangerous state of affairs include[1]: A data breach of a US Customs and Border Protection surveillance contractor that led to…

CIO dream team: Who’s in and why?

By G C Network | October 12, 2019

Today’s CIO navigates the twin challenges of enabling new business models and managing rapid technological change. Cloud computing strategies are now table stakes. CIOs must make complex decisions about using public and private clouds, on-premises enterprise systems, Internet of Things, edge computing, and many other user experience outlets. Cloud-enabled digital transformation can’t happen without the…

In July  of 2018, Broadcom announced its intentions to acquire CA Technologies. In the press release, Hock Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom, said:

“This transaction represents an important building block as we create one of the world’s leading infrastructure technology companies. With its sizeable installed base of customers, CA is uniquely positioned across the growing and fragmented infrastructure software market, and its mainframe and enterprise software franchises will add to our portfolio of mission critical technology businesses. We intend to continue to strengthen these franchises to meet the growing demand for infrastructure software solutions.”

While those words look really nice on paper, the acquisition is now old news. With crunch time now here, customers of both companies are now asking,” What’s in it for me?”

Broadcom’s pursuit of this merger grew from a recognition of the magnitude of the data center
market opportunity. Rapid growth in the companies networking and storage businesses was being driven by the even faster growth in the industry’s need to securely and reliably scale data centers. This datacenter metamorphosis was, in turn, being driven by digital transformation initiatives across literally every industry. Always looking to improve values to their individual customers, the merger gave existing customers of both corporations the opportunity to benefit from the natural synergy of Broadcom’s industry-leading IT Infrastructure offerings and CA’s industry-leading suite of mainframe solutions.

Since the mainframe holds most of today’s enterprise data, two of CA Technology industry leading products, Zowe and Brightside, were seen as perfect compliments to any organization’s digital transformation efforts. As a new open source software framework, Zowe provides solutions that allow development and operations teams to securely, manage, control, script and develop on the Mainframe like any other cloud platform. When paired with Brightside’s automation and self-service capabilities, this combination unlocks additional mainframe business value through cost and risk reduction. Brightside empowers next-generation developers to more easily apply their experience with modern DevOps toolchains and frameworks, helping to increase their ability to innovate for the mainframe platform.

The value of these offerings paired with Broadcom’s IT infrastructure offerings is immense. Value of offering. Working with Broadcom’s infrastructure, enterprises can now fully meet today’s data context challenges which include:

  • Data complexity and disparate data silos that inhibit growth and drive up costs; and
  • Multiple data formats and exponential data growth further complicate the matter.

New processes that enhance business situational awareness are also helped by this combination. Organizations can now abandon the legacy view of customer engagement as a “point in time” event. With broader situational awareness, business owners can now effectively manage every customer across all of their possible touch points. This capability enables true understanding of what a customer is doing in real-time, informing correct actions and up to the moment personalization. The end result is a digital transformation that enhances the organization’s ability to be continuously active and engaged with your end customer in a meaningful and engaging manner.

If your organization is undertaking or undergoing digital transformation, reach out to Greg Lotko to learn more about the mainframe synergies you can gain from the Broadcom CA Technologies merger. As the General Manager for Broadcom Mainframe Business Unit, he can bring his more than 30 years of experience in application development, application outsourcing services, software development and infrastructure to your transformation initiative. His team, in fact, helped HSBC transition to weekly release cycles, which was foundational to that company’s ability to deliver 2000 deployments per month. This feat is even more impressive knowing that the financial services giant manages over 6 million artifacts through applications written by over 6,000 developers making 750,000 element changes a year.

This post was brought to you by Broadcom.
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