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Maria Spinola: An Essential Guide to Cloud Computing

Maria Spinola, a Strategic IT Marketing and Innovation Adviser and editor at www.Cloudviews.org, has recently published An “Essential Guide to Possibilities and Risk of Cloud Computing“. Her very pragmatic approach has provided “a realistic perspective of the possibilities, benefits and risks of Cloud Computing; what to look for, what to avoid, and also some tips and best practices on implementation, architecture and vendor management strategies.”
So why should you bother if you’ve already decide not to use cloud computing? Maria actually has a very succinct answer to that question:

  • Its’ likely that without your knowledge, some of your departments are already using Cloud Computing,
  • You will need to define a Cloud Governance Program and make it available to all your internal customers.
  • A department may decide to go to a Cloud Computing service provider and start using their services immediately, instead of waiting months to have an on premise system installed,
  • Since Cloud offerings are “free” to start using immediately instead of asking permission to use it, employees may be asking you for forgiveness later.
I expect this guide will be widely distributed because it provides an excellent summary of current cloud computing industry views.

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