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Military Information Technology Cloud Computing Collaboration

Today, we’re happy to announce what we believe to be an industry first. “Military Information Technology Magazine“, as the publication of record for the defense information technology community, is collaborating with “Cloud Musings” in an exploration of cloud computing technologies within the defense community. This effort will leverage both print and Web 2.0 technologies to set the conditions for a substantive discussion on the business trade space bounded by physically consolidated data centers and the virtually distributed nature of cloud computing. We will also use this effort to explore how Web 2.0 technolgies could be used in the furture to augment and enhance the standard “Request for Information” process.

Using a simple online survey, this 60 day effort will gather information from both government and industry on their views about cloud computing technology. MIT correspondents will also conduct in-depth interviews with selected government decisionmakers and industry leaders. Survey participants can also agree to participate in the interview process. The collected information will then be organized and published in five formats:

  • A “Cloud Computing Special Report” in the November issue of Military Information Technology Magazine;
  • “Cloud Computing: A Government Customer View” via email to all industry survey participants that request a final report;
  • “Cloud Computing: Industry Offerings” via email to all government survey participants that request a final report;
  • A “Cloud Computing Technology Information” section online available to all SOA-R Interactive Network Group wiki members; and
  • Selected government and industry interviews will be posted on “Cloud Musings” for discussion and comment by the community at large.

Community participation is crucial to the success of this exciting endeavour. Please support your community by filling out the simple online survey. Qualified survey participant can also register to recieve a free subscription to Military Information Technology magazine.

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