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NCOIC and Cloud Computing

Yesterday the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) had a very good session on cloud computing during their plenary session in Falls Church, VA. Led by NCOIC’s Bob Marcus, speakers included:

  • Susanne Balle, Architect, Hewlett Packard Scalable Computing and Infrastructure Organization on “Emergence of Cloud Computing”
  • Lauren States, VP, IBM Cloud Computing, and David Lindquist, Cloud Computing Chief Architect/IBM Fellow on “IBM’s Perspective on Cloud Computing”
  • Todd Wiseman, Manager, Google’s Federal Enterprise Team on “Cloud Computing from Google”
  • Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services on “Amazon Web Services: Cloud Computing in Action”

Attendees included representatives from many government agencies including:

  • DISA,
  • US Air Force,
  • US Army,
  • NATO, and
  • National Science Foundation.

Their were also serious discussion about forming an “Enterprise Cloud Computing Group”. The five hour program, attended by over 150 energized national security professionals, was a strong testament to the value that some see in cloud computing for the national security space. A follow-up meeting is already scheduled for February.

Update: Presentations from the NCOIC event are now available in the SOA-R wiki.

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