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NCOIC To Help FAA on NextGen

Today, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC™) announced an agreement to work together to advance the Enterprise Architecture of NextGen, FAA’s national airspace (NAS) transformation program.

The NCOIC will analyze and evaluate NextGen’s enterprise architecture views, products, plans, net-centric patterns and operational concepts. Working collaboratively, its members will develop “voice of industry” recommendations about applying net-centric standards to the NextGen procurement, as a way to achieve interoperability in the NAS and, potentially, the skies beyond U.S. borders.

According to Terry Morgan, NCOIC executive chairman, the standards recommendations, best practices and net-centric pattern development derived from this collaboration is expected to strengthen NextGen’s requirements. “Our recommendations will be founded on the thoughts of multi-national, multi-industry leaders in net-centricity.”

The NextGen enterprise architecture will be based on open standards and designed to enable network-centric operations—includes the following: delivering vital information to those who operate the NAS; speeding system development and reducing procurement cost through re-use of software, patterns and best practices; effectively bringing legacy systems into an interoperable enterprise; and supporting the seamless integration of rapidly emerging commercial technology into NextGen.

Press release

Fact Sheet

Additional information is also available online at the NCOIC website (NCOIC membership required):

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Follow me at https://Twitter.com/Kevin_Jackson

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