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OMG Cloud Standards Summit

July 13-15, 2009, in Arlington, VA, the Object Management Group, is holding a Standards in Government & NGO’s Workshop. During the first day, the Cloud Computing Standards Summit will focus on cloud computing standards for government clouds. Participants include:

  • Peter Mell and Tim Grance – National Institutes of Standards and Technology
  • Reuven Cohen – Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum)
  • Kevin Jackson – Dataline, LLC
  • Mark Carlson – Storage Network Industry Association
  • Winston Bumpus – Distributed Management Task Force
  • Robert Grossman – Open Cloud Consortium
  • Craig Lee – Open Grid Forum
  • Nils Puhlmann – Cloud Security Alliance
  • Douglas Johnson – Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
  • Jim Warner – TM Forum
  • James Odell – OMG SOA SIG Co-Chair, CSC,
  • Ralph Thrash – CSC

Recommendations from this summit will be made available to the July 15th, NDU IRM Cloud Computing Symposium attendees.

The establishment of compatible industry and government standards are crucial to the broad adoption of cloud computing. Just as standards allowed the global spread and enhanced the utility of the Internet, standards will drive the utility of the cloud computing paradigm.

Registration for this seminal event is available at https://www.omg.org/registration/GOV-WS/css/index.htm

Follow me on https://Twitter.com/Kevin_Jackson

Follow me at https://Twitter.com/Kevin_Jackson

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