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Personal Views on DISA, HP and RACE

DISA and HP are clearly on the path towards cloud computing. At it’s core, net-centric operations requires the effective delivery of information to forward forces and the translation of that information into a competitive warfighting advantage. DISA’s mission of supporting global net-centric solutions is well served by their recently launched cloud computing initiative. Although RACE is focused on delivering infrastructure resources, it still is a critical first step towards the realization of a cloud computing infrastructure. DISA, as the primary net-centric enabler, should next look toward providing the needed application layer. To this end, it should also look to industry for innovations in the emerging cloud computing arena. Best practices from industry leaders like Google , IBM, CISCO, and others can offer insight into supporting technologies, such as Web 2.0, IPv6, Everything-over-IP, converged routing, etc ., as well as, provide insight to how to truely provide information to forward forces.

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