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Information Week has just launched PlugIntoTheCloud.com as their cloud computing destination. In his Non Linear Thinking blog, Bill Martin calls it a movement aimed at “providing a source and forum for IT pros, and the general population, to understand what the cloud computing trend/phenomena means to them and their companies”.

John Foley, InformationWeek Editor-at-Large, in his announcement of the site’s launch, explained the importance of cloud computing this way:

“We created it to address the growing need among IT pros to better understand what this trend means to them and their companies. Just this week, Gartner listed cloud computing second, right behind virtualization, on its list of the top 10 strategic technologies for 2009.

Our research tells us that business technologists are intrigued by cloud computing, but not yet swayed. InformationWeek Analytics (our in-depth reports business) surveyed 456 business technology professionals to gauge their plans for cloud computing. Among the respondents, 20% were considering cloud services, while another 28% said they didn’t know enough about them. In other words, nearly half are still mulling it over. Of the rest, 18% said they were already using cloud services and 34% had no interest.”

My sincere thanks goes to Mr. Foley for including “Cloud Musings” on the site’s “Favorite Blog” list. I am honored and look forward to continuing this discussion on the use of cloud computing technologies within the public sector.

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