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President-Elect Obama: Good for Cloud Computing

In his article, “What Does Obama Revolution Mean to Cloud Computing“, Krishnan Subramanian lays out a rosy picture for cloud computing:

  • Protecting the openness of Internet: crucial for cloud computing innovation and ensuring vendor diversity.
  • Safeguarding our right to Privacy: By safeguarding our right to privacy, Barack Obama’s administration can help remove this concern in the minds of users regarding putting their data on the Clouds.
  • Opening up government to its citizens and bringing the government to 21st century: By moving important public government data to the Cloud, it is possible to provide a more transparent form of government.
  • Deploy next generation broadband and extend it to every single American including those who live in rural areas: Ubiquitous availability of broadband is required for the success of Cloud Computing.
  • Broad adoption of standards based health record systems: A healthcare SaaS system. Perfect for the cloud.
  • Climate friendly energy development and deployment: A lower cost of infrastructure means a much higher savings for the customers of Cloud Computing technologies.

If the President-elect follows through on these policies, the Federal marketplace will truly be the place for cloud vendors to thrive.

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  1. CloudComputingExpert on December 25, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Obama is into technology very much not like the “shoe victim”.

    You will be seeing lots of gov websites with dot gov.

    The power of CC!!!is going to change the landscape of server and desktop management.

    As I said , Microsoft is pushing this very hard as this is one way to prevent piracy.
    You can kiss shrink wrap software.

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