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“The Big Switch” and Intellipedia Highlighted

During last week’s SOA-R session, Steven Armentrout referenced “The Big Switch” by Nicholas Carr as a very enlightened view of our changing world. On July 17th, Information Week’s Richard Martin also referenced it:

“‘One of the thorniest issues’ raised by the rise of cloud computing, writes Nicholas Carr, author of The Big Switch, a recent book about the shift of most common computing tasks and applications to the Internet, ‘involves the variations in national laws governing the storage and use of personal and other information.'”

Richard also noted an earlier Wall Street Journal report:

“Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence agencies are hesitantly harnessing the power of the cloud to better promote national security. ‘Intellipedia lets 37,000 officials at the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other U.S. intelligence agencies share information and even rate one another for accuracy in password-protected wikis, some ‘top secret,’ reports Gordon Crovitz in The Wall Street Journal. “

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