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The IoT Nexus: Bosch Connected World 2019 in Berlin

MWC19: Where Telecommunications and Cloud Meet

By G C Network | March 23, 2019

As a cloud solution architect, my passion is learning the details about how cloud computing uniquely supports specific business cases. This curiosity is what drove my excitement when Ericsson invited me to work with them during Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. As the largest mobile event in the world, MWC Barcelona brings together the latest…

Tulane University SoPA Selects “Architechting Cloud Computing Solutions”

By G C Network | February 16, 2019

Last week, Packt Publishing announced that “Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions” by Kevin L. Jackson and Scott Goessling was selected for use by the Tulane University School of Professional Advancement, Applied Computing Systems & Technology Program as the textbook for their mandatory Enterprise Architecture – Hardware course starting Spring Semester 2019. I am proud and honored to be trusted by such a prestigious institution. Being an “Amazon…

5G Wireless Technology Connecting Healthcare

By G C Network | February 16, 2019

Healthcare is in the middle of massive change. Called digital transformation by many, this term describes the industry’s pursuit of the many promises offered by connected patients, connected caregivers, and connected hospitals. While the goals of this transformation are many and varied, a recent HIMAA Media survey revealed the top four as: Seeking improved quality of care…

Maria Lensing: The Network Platform for Healthcare’s Future

By G C Network | February 16, 2019

As a girl, Maria and her family traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to get cancer treatment for her sick brother. The miracle she observed, as the healthcare providers saved her brother’s life, ignited a passion for healthcare. Unfortunately, that passion didn’t apply to blood, so she went into electrical engineering and biomedical engineering, eventually falling in…

How “Big Iron” Does “Big Regulation”

By G C Network | January 10, 2019

According to Verizon, there were over there were over 53,000 security incidents in 2017, with over 2,200 of those identified as confirm data breaches. A Ponemon Institute study also showed that companies experiencing a data breach took an average of 147 days to detect that breach. These statistics serve a key motivator of Stuart McIrvine, Director…

Mainframe Synergies for Digital Transformation

By G C Network | January 10, 2019

In July  of 2018, Broadcom announced its intentions to acquire CA Technologies. In the press release, Hock Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom, said: “This transaction represents an important building block as we create one of the world’s leading infrastructure technology companies. With its sizeable installed base of customers, CA is uniquely positioned…

2018 AT&T Business Summit: Security “in” and “of” the Cloud

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While public cloud is undoubtedly an outsized piece of the conversation, news headlines of the latest data breach can make this move a very frightening proposition. The question of how to balance the downside of cloud computing risks with the upside of promising cost savings is, therefore, top of mind.  The dilemma becomes even more…

My Brush with Royalty: Queen Latifah

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Queen Latifah! Hip Hop Icon. Movie Star. Television Star. Fashion Model. Songwriter. Producer. Entrepreneurial Genius!? YES! Dana Elaine Owens, her given name, is co-owner of Flavor Unit Entertainment, a firm that includes television and film production units, a record label and an artist management company. She has been managing herself since age 21 and within 2 years…

What’s New in Puppet 5?

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Puppet 5 is released and comes with several exciting enhancements and features that promise to make configuration management much more streamlined. This article will take a comprehensive look at these new features and enhancements. Puppet 5 was released in 2017, and according to Eric Sorensen, director of product management at Puppet, the goal was to…

5 Reasons Why Ansible is the Best CM Tool Out There?

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Amidst volatile markets, dynamic technology shifts, and ever-increasing customer demands, it is imperative for IT organizations to develop flexible, scalable and high-quality applications that exceed expectations and enhance productivity. A software application has numerous moving parts, which, if not effectively maintained, will definitely affect the final quality and end user experience. This is where configuration…

Next week, I will be influencing #LikeABosch as I accept an invitation from the company to attend Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019 (BCW19) in Berlin, Germany. This is one of the world’s largest international forums for the Internet of Things (IoT) and brings together the best minds to energize the co-creation of connected products and solutions invented for life.

The conference, the exhibition, the hackathon, and the many other networking and collaboration formats were designed to stimulate knowledge exchange, collaboration, and business opportunities. At this year’s Bosch ConnectedWorld forum around 5,000 participants will gather at the Berlin “Station” venue to blend with more than 80 exhibitors. Together, they will demonstrate how the rapid development of the internet of things is creating new opportunities both work and one’s personal life. The gathering also features more than 150 speakers including Bosch CEO Volkmar DennerMunich Re CEO Dr. Joachim Wenning, and Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, inventor of HTML and founder of the world wide web.

BCW19 is a mandatory event for any company or individual that wants to participate in the exploding IoT market. This broad term is used to describe the extension of the Internet connectivity physical devices and everyday objects. By embedding objects with computer processors, Internet connectivity, and advance software, these devices can be remotely monitored, and controlled to drive complex interactions over the Internet. BCW19 visitors will experience IoT capabilities for:

  • Connected Mobility: Delivering more safety, enjoyment, and efficiency for car drivers.
  • Connected Household: Reducing stress and provide more services around the home.
  • Connected Manufacturing: Gaining greater flexibility and transparency in business logistics; and
  • Connected Agriculture: Driving larger and better-quality yields in agricultural fields.

What You Can Expect To See

One of the most important purposes for someone attending this event is to open their minds to the true value IoT can deliver to society and an individual’s everyday life. Just being aware of the possibilities can stir discussions and collaborative efforts that often lead to global changes. Demonstrations attendees shouldn’t miss include:

  • Vivatar drive, that combined the Vivatar app with the Vivatar Telematics plug to act as a digital guardian angel for people on the go by making sure that help arrives quickly when called;

    Vivatar drive,that acts as a digital guardian angel for people on the go.

  • BSH Household appliances with Home Connect that provide extensive functionalities that make housework easier, safer, and more efficient;
  • The Bosch IoT cloud that can deliver software updates from the data cloud for industrial control units and in-car communication infrastructure that use modern encryption technologies. More than five million cars are being updated today over the air with Bosch IoT suite software;
  • Bosch Rexroth’s new ActiveShuttle, which can move 260 kg loads quickly and safely through production facilities, providing flexibility and transparency to intralogistics

Bosch Rexroth’s new ActiveShuttle providing flexibility and transparency to intralogistics;

  • ViPAS from Bosch, AI-based system equipped with a gripper arm, cutting-edge camera technology, and intelligent software for visual quality control that improves manufacturing quality and productivity;
  • 3D printing solutions for industrial applications from Bosch and BigRep that are helping to establish Automated additive manufacturing as an industrial production technology;
  • Smart spraying technologyfrom BASF and Bosch that uses camera sensors to distinguish between crops and weeds, enabling crop protection agents to target the weeds and protect the environment; and
  • Deepfield Connect tank guard that monitors a milk tank’s cooling, cleaning, or agitator systems. With this solution, data is relayed via the Bosch IoT cloud to a smartphone app to give farmers a remote, 24/7 overview of all the tank’s essential functions so that they can quickly respond to any failures or malfunctions.
  • Aerial view of the tractor spraying the chemicals on the large green field.

Will I See You There?

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019 is happening May 15-16, 2019 at one of the most amazing conference locations in Europe. Situated in the heart of Germany’s capital, the STATION-Berlin offers excellent accessibility, state-of-the-art technological resources, stunning architecture, and expansive dimensions. Its status as a protected historic monument makes the site a national and international landmark.

If at all possible, visit https://bosch-connected-world.com to get your ticket. If that’s not remotely possible, you can follow the Bosch Team on Twitter (@BoschGlobal), LinkedIn (Bosch) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/BoschGlobal). Don’t forget to use social media to enjoy the fun, have experts answer your questions and profit, both personally and professionally, from the IoT revolution.

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