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“The Missing Piece in Cloud Computing”

First Software as a Service – SaaS…
Then Hardware as a Service – HaaS…
Now, Middleware as a Service – MaaS?

GigaSpaces’ CMO Geva Perry will be presenting on middleware virtualization at SYS-CON’s Virtualization Conference & Expo, June 23-24, in New York City.

Geva believes that in order to achieve the full potential of “cloud computing” we need a broader definition of virtualization. He is pushing a complete de-coupling of the logical components of an application (represented by the software stack) and the physical resources. In the case of middleware, whether it is data access, messaging or the business logic, the physical location of the resources should not matter to the developer and to the end user. He will explore these thoughts in his presentation propose a solution, including a live demo.

For more see The Missing Piece in Cloud Computing: Middleware Virtualization

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