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The ThinkShield Story Part 1: The Challenge

CIO dream team: Who’s in and why?

By G C Network | October 12, 2019

Today’s CIO navigates the twin challenges of enabling new business models and managing rapid technological change. Cloud computing strategies are now table stakes. CIOs must make complex decisions about using public and private clouds, on-premises enterprise systems, Internet of Things, edge computing, and many other user experience outlets. Cloud-enabled digital transformation can’t happen without the…

Digital Transformation and the Mainframe

By G C Network | September 1, 2019

Digital transformation infuses digital technology into all areas of an organization’s business or mission. Its fundamental purpose is to create and deliver innovative and industry-changing digital products and services to a global customer base. By doing this, an enterprise gains an ability to quickly act and react to changing data, operational conditions and competitive strategies…

Composable Architecture Q&A. Are you ready?

By G C Network | August 26, 2019

Q: Is it time for my company to jump on the composable architecture bandwagon? A: Composable architectures are quickly becoming essential to the modern enterprise. Citing a recent Forrester study: the adoption of composable infrastructure as an element of a hybrid IT strategy results in faster, more flexible, and more efficient ecosystems that enable companies…

GC Global Net

Increase Productivity by Reducing Technology Distraction: Lessons from Forrester Research

By G C Network | August 8, 2019

Workplace productivity is hurt every day by the very technology developed and purchased to improve it. Forrester announced this surprising conclusion in their latest “How To Wake Up From The Nightmare Of Workplace Technology Distraction” study. The Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics® Workforce Benchmark Recontact Survey included 6,508 respondents in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the…

Unveiling the end-to-end capabilities for the networked society

By G C Network | June 10, 2019

An Interview with Henrik Basilier  By Kevin L. Jackson The telecom industry is rapidly moving towards a future in which networks must have the capabilities of delivering services with the agility, flexibility and scalability only made possible by full programmability. More than software defined networks (SDN), these capabilities will deliver software defined service domains that…

AT&T Finance Solutions GM on Shrimping, Software, and CX

By G C Network | June 10, 2019

Helping clients address the trends and challenges presented by the Financial Services industry is the main focus for René Dufrene in his role as General Manager of Finance Solutions at AT&T Business. His global responsibility includes Retail Banking, Insurance, Payment, and Wealth Management solutions. His background, the impact of digital transformation, the role of 5G,…

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Cloud Computing Evolves: An Interview with Mats Johansson

By G C Network | June 6, 2019

Recently, Ericsson Digital released an amazing report on Edge Computing and 5G. In it, they explained how distributed cloud computing is paving the way for the future of network communications. They also advised telecommunications operators, not to wait for 5G but they should build tomorrow’s networks today! Given the cost, effort and focus such a commitment…

The IoT Nexus: Bosch Connected World 2019 in Berlin

By G C Network | May 11, 2019

Next week, I will be influencing #LikeABosch as I accept an invitation from the company to attend Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019 (BCW19) in Berlin, Germany. This is one of the world’s largest international forums for the Internet of Things (IoT) and brings together the best minds to energize the co-creation of connected products and solutions invented for life. The conference,…

Survive and Thrive With Digital Transformation

By G C Network | April 17, 2019

First cloud computing then multi-cloud. How can we get ahead of this digital transformation nightmare? These are the laments heard in conference rooms and board meeting around the world. While the goal seems simple, adopting and migrating to a cloud service provider requires much more than executive willingness and a sharp IT organization. A lot…

The “George Jetson” of Today

By G C Network | April 13, 2019

He grew up in Silicon Valley, landed his first job at Apple Computers, was introduced to Nobel Prize winners by his dad and today, he takes a self-driving car to work so that he can squeeze in a few morning conference calls with the US east coast Team. Is this George Jetson!? No. It’s just…

The cybersecurity challenge seems to be growing daily. Threats are becoming more sophisticated, and attacks are becoming more destructive while the corporate world’s response seems to resemble a deer in headlights. Recent examples of this dangerous state of affairs include[1]:

In addition to this criminal threat, governments around the world are passing and enforcing new privacy and data protection laws that impose severe violation penalties. Examples of this are:

The top agenda item for just about every Board of Directors now is how to protect corporate data, flowing across the threat infested Internet, to multiple endpoint devices, that have a virtually unknown pedigree.

One company, Lenovo, has taken up the challenge with ThinkShield, a revolutionary approach to securing devices through their entire lifecycle. As a global manufacturer of smartphones (Motorola), tablets, PCs (ThinkPad, Yoga, Lenovo Legion), workstations, AR/VR devices, and data center solutions (ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile) this international technology leader is creating capabilities and computing power that changes both business and society.

Anchored by secure device design process, Lenovo builds protection into its products. Through a strategic partnership with Intel®, Lenovo has aligned with the Intel Transparent Supply Chain to provide visibility into the source components of every new system. Lenovo oversees the security of suppliers who build intelligent components, making sure they conform to rigorous, Trusted Supplier Program guidelines and best practices. The ThinkShield ecosystem’s lifecycle approach also includes:

  • The industry’s first and only FIDO®-certified authenticators that use match-on-chip fingerprint technology that gives companies safer, easier ways to protect employees’ identities;
  • An industry-leading level of integration with Intel Authenticate that offers higher security and flexibility through the use of up to 8 authentication factors;
  • BIOS-based Smart USB protection that keeps employee PCs safer by restricting USB port response to keyboards and pointing devices only;
  • WiFi Security, in partnership with Coronet, that detects threats and notifies users when they are about to connect to unsafe wireless networks;
  • BUFFERZONE® technology that isolates online threats before they infect the whole organization;
  • MobileIron® Endpoint Management that provides a secure, simple way to unify cloud and endpoint security across multiple devices;
  • Absolute® Persistence™ technology that provides an unbreakable connection from IT admins to all corporate devices so that they can leverage enriched asset intelligence, automate endpoint hygiene, and continuous compliance monitoring;
  • End of life data disposal process that keeps potentially sensitive data secure by wiping the drives and securely recycling the parts.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing the details of this exciting cybersecurity protection breakthrough by exploring how it can help organizations operate globally within a drastically enhance security environment. Subsequent posts will address:

  • Part 2: The Threat – The current and evolving security threat to hardware, software, and data protection processes
  • Part 3: Protecting Hardware – Organizational, IT Administrator and IT User roles and activities needed to protect IT hardware
  • Part 4: Protecting Software – Organizational, IT Administrator and IT User roles and activities needed to protect IT software
  • Part 5: Security Processes – Organizational, IT Administrator and IT User roles and activities needed to establish effective security processes
  • Part 6: Enhancing Your Security – Effectively defending against online threats through a people-centric approach

Looking forward to engaging with you through this journey.

This post is sponsored by Lenovo.

[1] https://www.wired.com/story/biggest-cybersecurity-crises-2019-so-far/

[2] https://www.cpomagazine.com/data-protection/gdprs-big-moment-has-just-arrived-with-a-228-million-data-breach-fine/

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