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Virtual Machines in Virtual Networks

One of the key value propositions in cloud computing is built around increase efficiencies. These eficiencies are diven by the use of virtual machines (VMware, XEN, etc.) and the automated provisioning of these machines. While recent discussions in the Google Cloud Computing Group about VMware have levied this requirement onto the cloud providers (Amazon, Rackspace,etc.), I began to wonder how this would be addressed in a private or enterprise cloud implementation.

With Colin McNamara highlighting the many issues with integrating VMware into Cisco networks and Scott Lowe’s blog headline about Cisco Switches on VMware, a replicable solution to the automated provisioning of virtual machines for enterprise/private cloud implementations may be in the works.

In view of Cisco’s broad customer base in the national security space, I personally see this as a key capability for DoD/DHS cloud computing implementations. What do you think? In any case, come to the next SOA-R event and ask Cisco yourself.

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