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Will Oracle Buy Informatica?

According to 1,250 ERP Software Advice readers that will be Oracle’s next acquisition. Terradata came in a close second in this race, suggesting that Oracle will “…play it safe next time around and strengthen their already formidable data warehousing and business intelligence offerings”. TIBCO roundes out the top three “fairly straightforward ideas”.  For details on the other options visit ERP Software Advice.

•Teradata. This data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) play would check a lot of boxes, augmenting Oracle’s strength in databases and BI. Moreover, Teradata brings strength in key verticals. At 21x P/E, the price might work.

•Informatica. Another data warehousing play, Informatica would complement Oracle’s leadership in database and business intelligence. While the deal would be bite-sized, Oracle would have to eliminate a lot of costs to make it acretive.

•TIBCO. Like the BEA Systems deal, TIBCO would bring the benefit of adding a middleware market leader while also bolstering the Fusion story. With a P/E of 34x, this is another deal where Oracle would have to cut costs deeply.

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